Sadly if we don't regularly use the theoretical and practical knowledge we have learned during our training then quite simply we tend to lose it!


                          WE CAN HELP


                  Interactive RT practice course.


A 1 day course intended to help/refresh PPLs and students alike in the black art of aviation RT. This is initially one of the most challenging aspects of flying for students or low-time pilots. We cover both theory and practical exercises including basic RT techniques, arrival and departure, controlled airspace zone entry and transits, Matz crossings, PAN and Mayday etc.


                   PPL Ground Subject Refresher


For those pilots wanting to refresh their knowledge on subjects such as Navigation,GPS, Meteorology, Principles of flight, Radio Nav etc.

                   IMC GROUND EXAM


                        2 day course.


                   OTHER SERVICES FOR PILOTS


                        Biennial licence sign-offs

                        PPL Skill Tests


                        Advanced Flight Training

                        Aircraft Ferry Services

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