Q. How can I find course dates?

A. Either call Ian or John or send us an email request

Q.  On what days are the courses run?

A. Usually from Saturday to Thursday lunchtime.

Q. Can I do just single subjects?

A. Yes, no problem. Contact us for dates

Q.Where is the training done?

A. From our office in Central Glasgow. Glasgow is easily reached either by road,rail or air. There are inexpensive flights into Glasgow from most major cities in the U.K. and we would be happy to collect you from the airport.

Q. Do I need prior knowledge of the ground subjects?

A. Whilst some background knowledge would be helpful, it is not a requirement as many of our past students have no prior knowledge but have successfully passed all exams.

Q.When will I sit the exams?

A. After a mock test, all exams are sat at the end of each day.

Q. Is there an additionsl charge for sitting each exam?

A. No, all costs are included in the initial course fee.

Q.How will my Flight Training Provider know I've passed these exams?

A. You will leave at the end of the course with a PPL Application form detailing the exam results and signed off by the CAA Ground Examiner.

Q.What happens if I fail an exam?

A. In the unlikely event you fail to reach the pass threshold(75%) we will spend whatever time is necessary to make sure you achieve it. We have a 100% record!

Q.What do I need to bring with me?

A. Apart from your wits, you will need a calculator, navigation computer ( whizz wheel ) navigation ruler, protractor and map pens. However, we could arrange loan of these items should that be necessary.

Q. How many candidates are there on a course?

A. Typically three or four