Just a quick note to say that I was extremely impressed with the training and most of all John, you have both been extremely patient and helpful and I am looking forward to training with you both as we slowly and surely progress. 


Mark Canning, Property Developer

"It is rare these days to meet two individuals as experienced and passionate about their profession as Ian & John. Their enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious and they made ground school thoroughly enjoyable. They are determined that all students not only learn the syllabus for the purpose of passing the examinations but also that every student should leave with a much better understanding and context for the subject being covered. They willingly answered every question asked of them, demonstrating great patience at times and were happy to enter into a debate if a point was explored by the group. They quickly put everyone at their ease and built confidence. This is a great way to learn the material and represents incredible value for money. I would warmly recommend them to anyone wishing to progress in aviation be it PPL beginner or those with Commercial ambitions!


Steven Boyle, CEO

For me- I have very busy working life and  working 5 - 6 days a week and to go home to do the studies is ok in a non exam situation, but to do a deeper study and passing the exams would be difficult.
What Ian and Johnny did suited me perfectly, I had done some home study before and that helped a lot. Johnny went through a big part of the subject in powerpoint  and this explained everything much better than the books ever could. Another major thing was, if I didn't understand it, I could ask and get the answer and the explanation right away. Great value. Thanks guys!


Tobjorn Sandberg, Operations Manager

"Great course made all the more relevant due to the experience of the instructors and their ability to relate the  rationale behind the rules, regulations and science to practical flying situations - 'the why you need to know this....and  'this will make you a better and safer pilot' - the best way to get the written exams under your belt" 


Major Angus McLeod, British Army Kenya

" Excellent course carried out in a very relaxed and informal manner by John and Ian who used their comprehensive knowledge and experience to assist my learning in what I regarded to be difficult subjects.

I would definately recommend this course to anyone!


Keith Dargo, Fire Safety Consultant

completed the Elite Ground School Training intensive PPL course in early January with Johnny and Ian, both extremely experienced commercial pilots.  Ian and Johnny's teaching style mixes a very deep anecdotal (and often humorous) knowledge with the serious subject matter. While the subject matter is relatively heavy, Johnny and Ian expertly guide you through the practical application of each module, allowing you to relate it to real life flying. The way the course is taught allows you to focus on the important material with no need to study material irrelevant to passing the exams, not to mention completing the exam for that module at the end of the day with the material fresh in your mind.  

This course is a time and cost-effective way to complete the 7 exams and I would not recommend doing the exams any other way, for while they are intensive and require focus, they are completed and "out of the way" in a week, allowing you to concentrate on the real business of flying.
Jordan Mitchell, Company Director

The Navigation course was excellent plus Johnny was inspirational.

Wow what a star! I totally lost it with the maths plus pressure of exam.

I would sooo recommend you guys. Fab! Thanks. I am going to practise all the stuff taught. See you you for the next one.


Karen Parkes, Teacher